Accept appointments online as a psychologists.
Psychologists are allowing patients to book appointments online.

Appointment Scheduling Software for Psychologists

From day to night, we know your business is busy. Customers and clients come in and want your help and service. We trust and know you love what you do so we want to help. Set a Time allows people to book appointments online for free for your business.

Customers and clients calling after business hours is tough. Imagine if your business can accept appointments online at any time. Set a Time allows customers to book appointments online for free. Set a Time is an online appointment and reservation scheduling software for small and large businesses, like psychologists.

Set a Time is simple, fast, and efficient. We try to make things easy and convenient for you. We help businesses and companies, such as psychologists, to maximize profits, save time, and save money. There is no need to call, text, or email when a customer wants to book an appointment or reservation.

By using Set a Time, you can:
  • Make more money
  • Attract customers
  • Retain customers
  • Increase productivity
  • Gain time
  • And more!

Allow your customers to book appointments at any time to your business for free. Best of all, Set a Time works on a computer, phone, and tablet!