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As a chiropractor, you're probably busy with patients, helping them with their pain or neuromuscular disorders. You are probably looking for a chiropractic software to help you save time, money, and be more efficient.

We're used to hearing a short, common phrase that goes something like this, "Health is wealth". It's true; health is important for everyone. If you lose your health, you lose your wealth. And because of health, people invest their wealth into it. In the medical field nowadays, there are so many electronic and technological components that are used. One of these is a software which chiropractors use. A chiropractic software is a software that allows chiropractors to accept appointments online, and manage their patients.

A chiropractic software is a healthcare software system or management tool for chiropractors and their practice. This software performs everything from patient notes to billing, which means you will save time and money, and make fewer mistakes. By using a chiropractic software, medical professionals are able to sort, filter, and organize their practice. Some major uses of chiropractic softwares are patient records, scheduling, and billing.

Patient records are used to keep track of a patient or client. It will show the number of visits, consultations, appointments, and treatments. Important patient information will be stored securely, even in a simple chiropractic software.

Patient scheduling is a big component of a chiropractic scheduling software. A free chiropractic software will have appointment scheduling included. A scheduling app allows patients to book appointments with their chiropractor online, without the hassle of having to call or email.

An Online Scheduling App Made for Chiropractors

Calendar with date slots

Your appointments are automatically organized and added into your calendar on Set a Time.

Pen and checkbox on computer screen monitor to customize settings and profile
Personalized Scheduling Page

Customize the look of your booking page to make it feel exactly like your business.

Team members or group of employees
Team Members

Add and manage team members (staff/employees) and allow your customers to book with them.

Email and SMS text message notification
Text & Email Notifications

Receive emails and SMS text messages for new appointments, or as an upcoming appointment reminder for your customer.

Connect applications like Google Calendar

Connect apps from other third-party developers to make your business even more efficient; such as Stripe and two-way sync with Google Calendar.

Shield and closed lock security
Fast, Simple, & Secure

Lightning fast speed and security throughout the platform, for you and your customers, so you can focus on what you love doing.

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There are many advantages of using a chiropractic scheduling software. Some big benefits of using chiropractic software are:

There are many appointments scheduling softwares for chiropractors, which one is the best one for me? Set a Time is the best appointment scheduling software for chiropractors and chiropractic practices. Some practice management softwares are glitchy, slow, and cost a fortune. Some chiropractic softwares deal with electronic health records (EHR) and other types of record keeping tools, which you may already have.

If you're in need of a scheduling software, you've come to the right place. With features every chiropractor can take advantage of, Set a Time is voted to be the best chiropractic scheduling software. When you use Set a Time, you don't have to worry about appointments and scheduling. We've got you covered. Set a Time is the most advanced scheduling app for chiropractors.

While you push on the joints and spine of your patient, Set a Time is hard at work; helping your chiropractic care be the best it can be.

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