Set a Time Scheduling App Features

Calendar with date slots


Your appointments are automatically organized and added into your calendar on Set a Time.

Calendar and clock for date and time

Dates & Times

Set the days of week and time range you want your customers to book with you. Also configure the days you're not available.

Pen and checkbox on computer screen monitor to customize settings and profile

Personalized Scheduling Page

Customize the look of your booking page to make it feel exactly like your business.

Team members or group of employees

Team Members

Add and manage team members (staff/employees) and allow your customers to book with them.

Email and SMS text message notification

Text & Email Reminders

Receive emails and SMS text messages for new appointments, or as an upcoming appointment reminder/notification for your customer.

Connect applications like Google Calendar


Connect apps to Set a Time; such as Stripe to accept payments, and two-way sync with Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook.

Shield and closed lock security


Completely secure and safe for businesses and customers, to give you the peace of mind you need.

Speedometer showing fast and speed

Fast & Speedy

Lightning fast speed throughout the platform for you and your customers, so you can focus on what you love doing.

Vacation on the beach with umbrella


Set a Time allows you to set when you're going to be gone so that you can still accept appointments when you're on vacation.

Blue and green messaging or chat bubble icons


Send and receive messages from your customers and clients with any questions or comments they may have.

Apple iCal Calendar icon

Import & Export

iCal support for importing and exporting Set a Time events into Apple iCal Calendar.

Three buildings for multiple locations or franchises

Multiple Locations

Have multiple locations? You have the ability to manage other locations from one Set a Time account!

Briefcase or suitcase for job services

Custom Services

Add custom services or appointment types so customers can book for that specifically.

Paper with fold on the top right hand corner

Custom Forms

Add and customize fields and forms for your customers to answer when booking an appointment.

Three buildings for multiple locations or franchises

White Label (Remove Branding)

White label your scheduling page and remove the Set a Time branding from the booking page.