FAQ for Businesses - Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for my plan to upgrade?
If your card was charged successfully, your plan will be upgraded immediately.
What kind of payment methods do you accept when upgrading plans?
We accept all major credit and debit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Diners Club, and JCB.
When does the monthly appointment limit reset?
Appointment counts are reset on the first day of every month at 12:00 am.
When does the free plan expire/end?
Currently, the free plan does not expire. That means you can use the free plan for life. This can change at any time so please check our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for the most updated terms and policies.
Can I get a refund for my plan?
Sure, of course you can! If you're not completely satisfied with your Set a Time subscription, you may request a refund. We offer refunds within 10 days after you make your plan upgrade/purchase. Please contact us to request a refund.
What do I do if my account is suspended?
If you account is suspended, please contact us so we may look into it.
Do appointments still count if someone cancels their appointment?
Yes. If someone make an appointment with your business and cancels their appointment, that appointment will count towards your monthly appointment count.
What does "This business/company is currently not accepting new appointments. Please check back at another time." mean?
It means the business/company has their "Live" setting turned off which means they are not accepting appointments. It can also mean the business/company had reached its maximum number of appointments for the month.
Can I use custom HTML and CSS to customize my profile page?
Unfortunately, you are not able to use custom HTML or CSS at the moment. There are plans for the future to allow businesses to customize their public profile page using HTML and CSS.
Can a business have multiple accounts on Set a Time?
No, businesses may only have one account on Set a Time. Having multiple accounts may confuse customers and users. This can result in both business accounts being suspended until further investigation. Businesses may have multiple locations. If you have trouble logging into your account, you may reset your password or contact us.
Can I change my custom Set a Time domain name?
Unfortunately, at this time, once you set your custom domain name when registering, you are not able to change it.
What is the difference between the availability of a business user/team member and deleting a business user/team member?
The difference between the two is that an "unavailable" team member will still count towards your plan of how many team members you are allowed to have, whereas a deleted team member will not count towards the team members amount limit on your plan. Deleting a team member will also remove all appointments from that team member.
Can I delete my business account on Set a Time?
Yes you can! You may delete your account by going to your Account Settings and clicking on "Delete Account" at the bottom of the page.
I have questions that are not listed here. What can I do?
Don't worry! We're always here for you! Shoot us a message by using the contact form or by using our online chat support by clicking on the chat button on the bottom right hand corner of the page.