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How to Get More Clients to Your Salon

August 4, 2017 by
Last Updated: September 20, 2017

You’re here because you want to get more clients to your salon or you’re probably wondering how to dominate the salon industry in your city or town. You want customers and clients making appointments. You want your calendar to be filled. You’re probably wondering, “What are the steps to take to get big and become the biggest and best salon in your state?” These are some great goals and we want to help and see you achieve them. Growing any business can be difficult, we get that. No business has a clear “blueprint” of the things to do to become to biggest and greatest. There are a few things that you can do to save time and money, while growing your salon business. Let’s get started with a some ways of growing your salon.

Credits: TeroVesalainen

1. Social Media

This should be pretty common nowadays but unfortunately, it’s not and many people are doing it wrong. Setting up a Facebook or Twitter page for your business and leaving it there does not do any good. That’s like buying and setting up a new phone and never using it but. What good is that going to do for you? You’re right, nothing. The first thing about social media is getting your account set up on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and many other social networking sites out there.

a. The first thing you want to do is set up your social profile and presence on the internet. Fill out all the needed information on your profile like adding an address, website, name, and more, including adding a profile picture or avatar. This will make your profile look more approachable and real. A blank profile with your business name will look like you never use your social media networks.

b. Fill in your “biography” section or “about me” section. This will obviously be about your business, in this case, your salon. The best thing to do is be simple. Our attention span nowadays is getting shorter and shorter. That means people are not willing to spend minutes reading about your business. Describe but be concise. Get straight to the point but make sure you’re clear enough for your potential client to understand who you are and what you do.

c. Find people and network to them. For example, on Facebook, you can join beauty groups in your area and talk to people in those groups. Never spam your site or business at people but you can offer them some services you provide in the same subject. You should also set up reviews on Facebook. This allows people to review your business which will be shown to other people when they visit your Facebook page. On Twitter, you can search up tweets or posts with specific keywords. In the search bar, you can type in “looking salon”. That might match you with a few hundred thousand tweets regarding people that are interested in looking for a “new” salon. You can play with these keywords in the search. YouTube is great if you make a good video of what you do and the types of services your salon provides. This obviously will take time but it can eventually get you clients. On LinkedIn, you can join groups or network with people you may know around your area.

d. Share images on your social networks. People like to look at images and videos more than text. Get their attention with an awesome image or video.

e. Be consistent and take your time with social media. Don’t be rushed and don’t do it for only a week. Give people time as they might not need to go the salon the time you are posting on social media.

2. Network with Salons

I’m sure there are many other salons around your area. Network with them. Find out about the services they provide. If they are missing a service but it’s something you provide, you can ask them to refer their customers/clients to you. Also, vice versa. Help each other out. In the end, both of you will win and be happy.

3. Referrals

Start a referral program. Each time a customer or client leaves, tell them they have the chance to get a free haircut. For example, for every 5 new customers they refer, they get $50 worth of services to your place. This can create a chain effect and can create long lasting customers.

4. Loyalty Program

A loyalty program is kind of like a referral program except for the fact that they do not refer other people. They keep coming back to your place for services. For example, if someone comes in for a haircut, give them a card and punch holes in that card, or record their visit in some form of way so that once they have been to your salon 10 times, you can give them a free service or a certain price worth of services for free.

5. Networking with People

This is like social networking except it’s not online. Networking includes going to meet ups, social talks, or meetings that are related to what you do. For example, if you own a hair salon, you can go to hair salon expos in your area. Bring business cards. Talk to people in the same industry as you or in industries related to yours. Exchange contact information and keep in touch. Work out business ideas or deals that help both sides of the business. This can promote your salon and help it grow, as the more people you know, the more help you can get.

6. Yelp

Yelp is not like any of the other social networks. Yelp allows you to list your business online so people can find and review your business. List your salon on Yelp. Allow people to review your business on Yelp. The more stars you get on your salon, the more people will want to visit. The more stars and the more reviews will equal a lot more customers and clients. This will take time to grow because customers will need to leave reviews on your Yelp business page.

7. Be Awesome

Most people will agree that customer service is more important than the service. If someone is nice but the goods are so-so, the likeliness of that person going back to that business is higher than if the goods are great and the customer service is horrible. Make people feel comfortable. Some people may even come to your salon to just talk because they want someone to talk to. The more open you are to them, the more open and willing to come back they are. Be there for your customer. Remember, your customers are what makes your business stay alive. Your customers should always be right, even if they are wrong. Be awesome to your clients and it will pay off. You will get more clients and customers.

8. Get the Emails of Your Old Customers/Clients

After someone pays you and before they leave, do you ask them for their email? If you do, that’s great. If you do not, you definitely should. Every few weeks, you can send them an email with a special you are offering on a service or something. You can ask them for feedback. Again, definitely do not spam. Spamming or excessive messaging is not the way to go and will get people frustrated. Give people time and track all your marketing campaigns.


9. Accept Appointments Online

Almost everything is digital or online nowadays. Calling, texting, and emailing are so outdated. That means people do and prefer to book appointments online. It’s faster, easier, and more convenient for clients to make reservations online. Accepting appointments online is super easy and simple. Set a Time allows businesses to accept appointments online for free. This will help people want to book appointments with your business as well as help your business look more professional. Check it out: Set a Time


Those are just some tips and tricks to getting some more customers and clients to your salon. With some persistence and dedication, you’ll have new clients as well as returning clients in your salon chairs in no time. It’s not an overnight thing. It takes time and hard work. If you’re willing to put in hard work, you will see results. Good luck and have fun!